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3Backend / CoreBug ReportVery LowMediumLicense download loopUnconfirmed
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I’m having an issue with ClassicFolders 2 that started after I upgraded to 2.0.4 where after installing, it will respring, then go to download the license, then respring again, but instead of being fine then it goes and downloads the license and then resprings again, and so on and so on. I’m using an iPhone 6S (8,1) on iOS 10.1.1. The problem started with version 2.0.4 of classic folders 2. I have a legal copy of the tweak (see below), and my phone is connected to the internet (I’ve tried fixing this with wifi turned on and off). I’ve tried reinstalling the tweak, uninstalling than reinstalling the tweak (from safe mode), and reloading the jailbreak (Yalu 10.2 on iOS 10.1.1), all without success. Any help would be appreciated!

(Sorry about having just hyperlinks for the images, I couldn’t get the image inserter to work)

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2Backend / CoreBug ReportVery LowLowMinor graphical issueUnconfirmed
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When the closing animation finishes there’s a little line left at the bottom of the screen that goes away after a few seconds. I’m using the modern look and iOS 10.1.1.

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